Viking group on the hunt for new members

Historical actors who are helping to promote Corby Heritage Centre have appealed for wannabe warriors to come forward.

The 25-strong Vikings of Mercia, who were formed last year, also carry out educational performances and recreate ancient battles at village fetes.

And the group’s leader, Jarl Horik Tyrskarl, said Corby’s Viking past was reason enough for people to get involved. The name Corby is believed to come from a corruption of the Viking term Kori’s by – or Kori’s settlement.

“We aim to give a whole living history,” he said. “It is entertainment and educational. We pride ourselves on authenticity, so there are no horns on our helmets.”

Vikings of Mercia train every Sunday between 2pm and 4pm at the Church Hall in Corby Old Village. For more information on joining Vikings of Mercia, contact Kára on 07564 226981.