VIDEO: Zombie Morris dancers at East Carlton Country Park

Old traditions combined with science fiction on Halloween when Morris dancers dressed as lightsabre-clutching zombies.

The Braybrooke Morris Dancers group were invited to perform as part of the park’s Halloween celebrations on Friday.

Bill Hewitt from the group said: “Getting into the spirit of Halloween, the side exchanged sticks and handkerchiefs for lightsabres, and their traditional white trousers and shirts for more appropriate dress worthy of a horror film.

“Photographing the side was interesting, particularly Squire David Ball who went as the Invisible Man – he doesn’t even show up on any of the pictures although he is there!

“East Carlton Park was absolutely packed, with queues for everything, but everyone seemed to be enjoying the fun and having a good time!”

The side had been invited to dance at the Halloween event when they performed at East Carlton at the beginning of October when the park was included in their 25th anniversary Day of Dance Tour.