VIDEO: Women's Tour starts in Rushden before heading across the county

They came, they saw and they were gone in a flash!

Some of the world's top female cyclists were in Rushden today (Thursday) for the start of the second stage of the Women's Tour.

The Women's Tour came to Rushden today

The Women's Tour came to Rushden today

Crowds gathered in Hall Park to see the cyclists and their teams as they waited to embark on a second day of racing.

Schoolchildren were loving the build-up, getting high fives from event staff, police and the Women's Tour mascot as they waited for the main event.

Once the police out-riders had headed off to get into position, it was just a matter of time before the cyclists had their countdown and were off.

The crowds cheered and clapped as they wheeled their way past Rushden Hall and headed out into the town, including along the High Street.

Once they had left the park, many people dashed out to try and grab a glimpse of the cyclists for a second time either in High Street South or Wymington Road.

Rushden Town Council, East Northants Council, Rushden Town Partnership, Freedom Leisure and other local partners have been working to provide a series of events leading up to and following the cycling event.

And everyone seemed pleased to see it run so smoothly and to have had such a high profile event come to their town.

And even as the crowds dispersed, many of the schoolchildren were staying in the park to take part in a duathlon organised by East Northants Council with the hope that they will be inspired by seeing an event like this on their doorstep.