VIDEO: Vintage tea room opens in Wellingborough

Traditional local cakes and biscuits, 22 types of tea and six varieties of coffee are all on the menu at a new vintage tea room in Wellingborough which opens to customers for the first time tomorrow (Friday, July 26).

Ria Chambers said she decided to pursue her love for baking and open her new business in Cambridge Street after working in child and health care for the last 13-years.

Ria Chambers with the Mayor of Wellingborough, Cllr Graham Lawman

Ria Chambers with the Mayor of Wellingborough, Cllr Graham Lawman

Ria, 32, from Wellingborough, is putting elevenses, high tea and afternoon tea back on the menu at Ria’s Rosy Lee Team Room, and she’s linked up with Irvins House Of Flavour in Wellingborough’s High Street as her exclusive supplier.

Tea lovers will be able to try a whole host of blends, from traditional flavours to a jasmine and green tea and a kwai flower oolong variety.

Ria will make all of the cakes and biscuits herself, including her own Ria’s Rosy Lee signature bake, seed cake and cattern biscuits which were traditionally made by lace makers.

She’s also using her own family recipes, including once for Anzac biscuits passed down to her by her Australian grandmother.

As many of her family members already run businesses in the town, Ria will be able to draw on their experience for guidance in her new venture.

Ria, 32, said: “It’s a concept vintage tea room. There are a lot of coffee shops, but no traditional tea rooms.

“It’s a market which is growing by 25 per cent every year.

“I have worked in child and health care for the last 13 years, but I have always been a baker.”

The new business was officially opened by the Mayor of Wellingborough, Cllr Graham Lawman, today (Thursday).

He said: “It’s really nice to have another independent trader who offers a personal service and something different to what the big chains do.

“It is beautifully decorated and it has got a lovely homely feel.

“I wish Ria all the best for her new venture.”

Ria’s Rosy Lee Tea Room is open Tuesday to Saturday.

Opening times are: Tuesday and Wednesday 10am to 5pm, Thursday 1pm to 5.30pm, Friday and Saturday 10am to 5.30pm.

Afternoon tea is served between 1pm and 5pm and must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance.

A large room upstairs can be booked for private functions and meetings.

For further details visit