VIDEO: Viking display at country park

The Bifrost Guard Viking re-enactment group set up camp at Irchester Country Park today, Saturday, May 11.

There’s also Maypole dancing by children from Alfred Street Junior School in Rushden and a performance by the St Katherine’s Morris Men at the county park today, for its Beltane festival.

The Bifrost Guard

The Bifrost Guard

Open mic music sessions are being hosted by Wildfire Sessions throughout the day, and there’s mask making for youngsters.

A Bifrost Guard spokesman said: “The Bifrost Guard is a Wellingborough based living history group which recreates the time of the Viking invasions in England.

“The Bifrost Guard are a band of raiders and traders with armed warriors and skilled crafts people. The warriors wage fearsome war with spears, axes and swords whilst the traders create leather goods, spin, weave and dye wool and work with wood, bone, antler and metals. While on camp at night they gather around the fire to feast and listen to the heroic tales of Beowulf, Sigmund and the Old Gods; during the day they practice their trades and show off their fighting skills.”

The group is currently looking for new members with an interest in bringing history to life.

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