VIDEO: Soldiers march through Kettering in homecoming parade

Soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment have been given a rapturous welcome on the streets of Kettering.

Hundreds of people lined the streets for the town-centre homecoming parade on Monday, July 21.

The Royal Anglians march through Kettering town centre, Monday, July 21

The Royal Anglians march through Kettering town centre, Monday, July 21

The regiment has been awarded the freedom of the Kettering borough, giving it the right to organise marches.

About 200 soldiers took part in the events.

A special ceremony and inspection, with speeches from Kettering mayor Cllr Duncan Bain and commanding officers from the regiment, took place at the town’s Market Place.

The marching soldiers were joined by a brass band.

Mum Debbie Edwards, from Barton Seagrave, was watching the march with her daughter Abigail, 11.

Her son Pte Callum Edwards, 21, was one of those marching.

Mrs Edwards said: “It’s absolutely lovely to see the soldiers marching.

“Callum only passed out in September so hasn’t been in the army long - but it’s nice for him to be able to march through his home town.

“He has lots of family here to see him today.”

Pte Edwards said: “I’ve been looking forward to the march. It was great to march through Corby this morning and this will be even better,”

One of Pte Edwards’ colleagues, Pte Dexter John, 21, also from Barton Seagrave, added: “It’s nice to see so many people welcoming us here today.”

Mum Nicky Walpole, from Kettering, was watching her son Pte Daren Walpole, 22.

She said: “It’s very emotional. I think it’s great to see so many people out to watch the march.”

Parents John and Sarah Arrowsmith, from Irthlingborough, had visited Kettering to see their son Matthew, 19, marching.

The couple have another son in the armed forces, Nicholas, who is in the Royal Signals.

They said: “They have both been on tours this year.

“It was amazing to see Matthew marching. We were worried there would not be a lot of people so it was really pleasing to see the large crowds in the market Place.”