VIDEO: Shrew desperately attempts to escape rising flood water in Northamptonshire

This is the moment a helpless shrew desperately tries to escape flood water by climbing up a bridge wall as nearby residents jump in to help.

The tiny mole-like mammal frantically scaled the wall a number of times in a bid to flee the flood water which had swamped a stream in just under two hours.

Helpless shrew trying to escape flood water. Picture and video via SWNS

Helpless shrew trying to escape flood water. Picture and video via SWNS

After clambering up several times and failing the shrew decided to hide and wait on an island made up of sticks and debris.

Photographer of 30 years Paul Howard captured the attempt at a great escape on camera in Towcester.

He said it became frustrating watching the little animal get so close.

Paul said: “It climbed up to the top and it was so close, it was nearly there.

“It was quite frustrating to see it get almost to the edge only to fall back down again.

“The shrew fell into the water at one point but managed to swim back onto the island before it made a few more attempts.

“With shrews they are so timid so the locals who were trying to help just couldn’t get anywhere near it unfortunately.

“But the thing is there was a main road so if it had got over the wall it would have just been squished - so out of the two options it was probably in the safer place.

“The island was tightly compact so it will hold together and hit dry land soon and I am sure it will be fine.

“I think it just resorted to staying there on Noah’s Ark and it will be okay once it hits land.”

The shrew stayed on the wood island which was floating on the water on Wednesday alongside a mole which was also trapped.