VIDEO: See the headache facing motorists driving from Kettering to Corby

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A fed-up motorist who is sick of traffic jams caused by a closed-off lane on the Kettering to Corby road has made a video plea to county council bosses.

The driver, who posted the video under the name of ‘humansatnav’ showed his stop-start journey on the Youtube video.

It shows the impact of a minor shunt on the A43 northbound carriageway on queuing traffic.

One of the lanes on the road is closed until December to allow workers access to a Network Rail car park. The railways contractors are working on the upgrading of the Corby line.

There are no roadworks planned for the stretch, which runs from the hamburger roundabout in Kettering to the new Corby link road roundabout, and motorists are annoyed that they are having to bear the brunt of the congestion.

The video maker said he made the video using dashcam footage from his car after seeing a small shunt which caused gridlock because it blocked the whole road.

He is also concerned that the problem will only worsen when the schools return in two weeks.

He said: “Today was about the third time I’ve seen the aftermath of a shunt since they started. Enough’s enough.”

In the on-screen narration for his video, he said: “This is a plea to Network Rail and Northamptonshire County Council to find a more common-sense solution to the A43 roadworks at Kettering.

“This is a Tuesday in the summer holidays.

“What you’re about to see will get a lot worse when the schools go back.”

Last week, a county council spokesman said: “We received proposals for this work some weeks ago and after reviewing them, saw the potential for the coned-off lane to be reduced so that it didn’t cover such a long length of the A43. We raised this with the works promoter who is undertaking work on behalf of Network Rail and they amended their plans.

“It is planned that the traffic management will be in place until December this year. We will raise the concerns with the contractor so that they can review whether there is any potential to amend the layout.”