VIDEO: Northampton company sets new world record of 56 kisses in 30 seconds

  • Guinness World Records announced today that health, beauty and wellness organisation Arbonne UK successfully set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for most kisses received in 30 seconds
  • Northampton-based Arbonne recorded 56 kisses in half a minute and broke the record previously held by Britain’s Got Talent star David Walliams, who received 55 kisses earlier this year
  • The thrilling 30 second display was part of Arbonne’s annual conference, attended by over 1,800 of its Arbonne Independent Consultants

Staff at a Northampton company have set a new world record...for the most kisses in 30 seconds.

Whilst most people prefer to linger when going in for a kiss, speed was of the essence for health, beauty and wellness organisation Arbonne, as it embraced the challenge to secure the Guinness World Records title for most kisses received in 30 seconds.

A select group of the company’s independent consultants planted 56 kisses on Arbonne’s Chief Sales Officer, Heather Chastain, in an exciting 30 second display, beating the record of 55 kisses previously held by comedian David Walliams, which was set earlier this year during Comic Relief.

This Guinness World Records attempt was just one of the celebratory events at Arbonne’s annual conference (AAC) for its ever-growing network of Arbonne Independent Consultants, held at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole. For the ultimate pucker pout, each participant wore one of Arbonne’s signature shades, leaving Heather glowing with a complexion of rosy tints.

Commenting on the Guinness World Records attempt, Arbonne’s UK Vice President and General Manager, Vicky Beckett, said: “This year our annual AAC conference is celebrating the Global 35th anniversary of Arbonne and our record breaking success has ensured the event will be memorable for all involved in more ways than one.

“Very few can claim to be a Guinness World Records title holder and I’m proud that Arbonne’s Independent Consultants now rank among this elite group.”