VIDEO: Metal disc embedded into car after falling off lorry

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A woman has spoken of her shock after a heavy metal disc fell off of a lorry and embedded itself into the front of her car.

Suzy Ditzel, of Vickers Close, Rothwell, was in the park in Desborough Road, Rushton, when she was alerted to the damage to her car.

Suzy Ditzel with her damaged car

Suzy Ditzel with her damaged car

Mrs Ditzel said: “I was in the park when a man came rushing in and said ‘does anybody own a BMW?’

“I did and when he told me what happened, I couldn’t believe it.

“When I saw what had happened, that this metal object had impaled itself into the front of my car, it was shocking.”

The incident took place at midday on Thursday, June 6, and Mrs Ditzel said it was spotted by a crew of binmen who were on a lunch break who alerted Mrs Ditzel.

She said she hopes something can be done by the police, as the outcome could have been a lot worse and it was lucky nobody was injured.

She added: “I’d say the objects weigh 10 to 15kg.

“God knows what could have happened, it could have been a lot more serious if someone had been walking past.”

Police have said they are investigating the incident. Any witnesses should call them on 101.

The Kettering Borough Council staff who witnessed the incident, said they saw a 7.5 tonne silver curtain sided vehicle drive past in the direction of Rushton Village, towards the humpback bridge. They then saw something fall off vehicle and hit a parked car.

A spokesman for the council said: “They initially thought it was a wheel trim which became wedged underneath the bumper of a parked car which was facing towards Desborough.

“The Council staff thought it was important to have a look just in case there was a potential safety issue. When they got to the parked vehicle they saw that it was something more substantial than a wheel trim. The item in question was a large, heavy round metal object which could cause significant damage.”

The spokesman added: “As the vehicle which caused the incident was travelling at speed and was too far away for the number plate to be visible, our staff were unable to get further information.

“Kettering Borough Council’s staff are always keen to help out in these situations and it is an important part of their public service. The incident could have been much worse and it is luck that no one was injured.