VIDEO: Make a splash at World Puddle Jumping contest

Youngsters who enjoy watching Peppa Pig and her family jumping in puddles will love a chance to make a big splash themselves.

Competitors from across the UK are being invited to take part in the inaugural World Puddle Jumping Championships, being held at Wicksteed Park this month.

Sophie Berrington, two,  practises her jumping

Sophie Berrington, two, practises her jumping

A special series of “championship-standard” puddles are being created at the park, and competitors in age groups ranging from toddlers to young at heart pensioners will be encouraged to jump in and make a splash.

Judges will give scores based on things such as height of jump, enthusiasm, distance of splash and stickability – the amount of mud which clings to each competitor!

Now the hunt is on for some expert judges to help the organisers find the first ever world champion.

The event is part of the park’s autumn Play Day on Wednesday, October 30, which will also include other free activities such as mud pits, kite flying, welly wanging, a leaf mountain and arts and crafts.

Wicksteed Park managing director Alasdair McNee said: “Charles Wicksteed was a very successful businessman who decided to give something back to the community by encouraging them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“That ethos applies just as much today and one of the main focuses of the park is to encourage children and families to get out and enjoy traditional ways of having good, old-fashioned fun.

“We think puddle jumping and the play day event is a great way to do that.

“Many children are familiar with puddle jumping through the TV cartoon Peppa Pig but this is their chance to have a go for themselves.

“But as this is a new event there is understandably a shortage of recognised expert judges.

“Our judges could range from boot makers to anyone who can show they have a degree of expertise in what is going to be a great fun event.”

The event follows on from the park’s participation in national Playday in August, when more than 1,000 people took their teddy bears to the park and came close to breaking the world record for a teddy bear chain.

Wicksteed Park is currently undergoing a £2m lake restoration project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to further encourage people to enjoy its 147 acres of countryside.

To enter the World Puddle Jumping Championships or apply to be a judge, contact the park at or telephone 01536 512475.