VIDEO: Large turn-out for the first ever Desborough half-marathon

More than one hundred people have competed in the first ever Desborough half-marathon today (Sunday June 30).

The race was organised by the Desborough Rapid running club, and the club’s chairman, Gordon Harvey, said he didn’t expect such a large amount of people this year but was ‘pleasantly surprised’ at the turnout.

He added: “That is again due to a lot of hard work and effort that has gone in by the club members. It has been an absolute team effort and you just can’t thank these people enough.”

The runners set off from outside the Ironwood Avenue Leisure Centre at 11am this morning, and the half-marathon’s route took them around the town.

Mr Harvey added that the club would like to make this a yearly event and hope to build on this year’s success.

To see footage from the half-marathon and an interview with Mr Harvey watch the video above.