VIDEO: 'Kettering Council binman put dog poo on my drive'

A Kettering Council refuse collector took dog poo out of a man's bin - only to discard it on his driveway.

Tuesday, 27th February 2018, 10:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 27th February 2018, 11:39 am

Mike Clark watched his CCTV in shock after spotting the mess outside his house in Gotch Road, Barton Seagrave, at about 10am on Wednesday, February 21.

He said: "I just happened to be looking out of the window when I went to make a coffee and I spotted a bag on my driveway.

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"Then I realised exactly what kind of bag it was.

"I was really annoyed so I checked my CCTV to see who put it there and couldn't believe it."

Mr Clark's partner's car blocked the exact moment the poo was put on his driveway on the CCTV footage, but still images appear to show the binman carrying out the act in his car's reflection.

The bag was at first dumped by an unknown person in Mr Clark's blue recycling bin and spotted on a visual check by the binman as he went to empty it.

But business analyst Mr Clark says he sees no reason why the poo was then put on his driveway rather than a normal bin.

He said: "A public servant doing something like that is just completely irresponsible.

"I get that it shouldn't have been put in the blue bin in the first place but it's dog poo, it's not something you should be putting on the street."

Mr Clark, 31, added that his two-year-old daughter could easily have picked up the bag.

The binman could have refused to take the bin because the mess was inside it - and Mr Clark said he was made to feel grateful when he complained to the council.

He said: "The bag could have split and had she [his daughter] picked it up the result could have been disgusting.

"When I called the council to complain I got the impression I should be grateful the bin was collected in the first place."

A Kettering Council spokesman said a member of their refuse team had spoken to Mr Clark and that they agreed the poo should not have been left on his drive.

The spokesman said: "She [a council member of staff] apologised to the gentleman and advised that the crews did this with the best of intentions so that they could empty his recycling bin, rather than tagging and leaving it, but agree that it was not appropriate to leave it on his drive.

"We will follow this up with the crew concerned."