VIDEO: Kettering bridge closure could cause chaos

Residents in Kettering have spoken of their concerns over plans to close the Pytchley Road bridge for almost three months over the Christmas period – with one resident predicting the traffic will be “chaos”.

The bridge will be closed from Monday, December 9, to Friday, February 14, 2014.

The bridge is the main linking point for Kettering Business Park with the rest of the town, and the closure means that people will be forced to take a long detour during the work.

The Telegraph spoke to a number of residents who live nearby to see how they will be affected.

Darren Prince, 36, of Shire Close, said the traffic could be chaos during rush hour, adding that it is the main route that a lot of people use who live near to him.

He added: “I will have to go all the way into town, just to get out of town.”

Tim Dean, 47, said he thinks the closure will have a big impact on stores in the business park, especially Tesco, on Carina Road.

He added: “What we’re worried about is people parking in this area and walking to Tesco’s rather than taking the detour. We are worried the street could become a parking lot.”

Vince Gornan, 51, of Sussex Road, said the closure will be an inconvenience but thinks it will be for the “greater good”.

Network Rail is planning to demolish and rebuild the bridge along with two others in the county as part of a £70m scheme to electrify the lines in order to speed up journey times between London and Sheffield.

Other residents suggested they would no longer go to Tesco during the closure.