VIDEO: Keep it down during Noise Action Week

Are you a noisy neighbour?

This Noise Action Week, Kettering Council is calling on people to recognise the noise that you make that may affect others and the noise that may affect you.

Be aware of making any anti-social noise, Kettering Council asks

Be aware of making any anti-social noise, Kettering Council asks

Noise is sound that disturbs, irritates or annoys us.

Noise has an enormous impact on our health and wellbeing. It is an issue in every neighbourhood and the neighbourhoods in the Kettering borough are no exception.

Summer is approaching; open windows and more outdoor celebrations mean that neighbour noise complaints in Kettering are likely to increase.

Kettering Council wants you to enjoy your summer but also be mindful of the noise you make so that everyone can enjoy the summer too.

The council is helping Kettering residents who have a noise issue at home by raising awareness of the services available for noise issues in the borough.

Tips for noisy neighbours:

O Dogs: Do not allow your dog to bark unnecessarily and do not leave your dog alone for long periods

O Music: Keep volume and bass as low as possible, keep your speakers away from party walls

O Parties: Notify your neighbours that you are having a party or better still, invite them!

O Burglar alarms: Ensure your burglar alarm has a 20-minute cut off switch and appoint a key holder who can be contacted if the alarm goes off.

O DIY: Do noisy DIY jobs during social hours (daytime or weekends).

Kettering Council head of environmental health Shirley Plenderleith said: “Most neighbourhood complaints to local authorities are about noise.

“Noise from barking dogs resulted in the second highest number of noise complaints for last year.

“Excessive noise is a real concern to people, and Noise Action Week is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of this issue.

“We’d encourage anyone who has a concern about noise to contact their local council for further information and advice.”

Kettering Council portfolio holder for regeneration Cllr Derek Zanger said: “Noise Action Week is a great reminder of the everyday noises that are around us and the impact that these can have on other people.

“We would ask everyone to be considerate and think about the impact that their excessive noise could be having on others, not just during Noise Action Week, but all the time.”

To report a noise-related problem in Kettering or for further information contact Alex Gatrix, Environmental Protection, on 01536 534348 or email