VIDEO: Jade’s stage school funding hopes

A Wellingborough girl could be forced to give up her place at a prestigious stage school because her course does not qualify for tuition funding.

Jade Holmes, 20, has won a place at the Colins Performing Arts (CPA) college, in Romford, Essex, but after fundraising efforts she thinks she only has enough funds to pay for the first two terms of the three-year course.

Theatre Hopes: Wellingborough: Jade Holmes, 20, needs money to attend a prestigious stage school.

Theatre Hopes: Wellingborough: Jade Holmes, 20, needs money to attend a prestigious stage school.

Jade said she was delighted to find out she was accepted into the school, and is now determined to find a way to make enough money for her to be able to live her dream.

Jade said: “It’s amazing, I never thought I would get into the school, let alone come this far and come so close to going.

“I just dreamed about it my whole life. I never thought I would pass the auditions, so to get in is just amazing.”

She added: “Any help would be much appreciated because then hopefully my dreams can come true and I won’t have to be so far away from reaching my goal.”

The former Moulton College student is now campaigning to raise enough funds to complete the course, and if anybody can help they’re asked to email her mother, Stephanie, at

School alumni include Rochelle Humes, Frankie Sandford from pop group The Saturdays, and actor James Buckley, from The Inbetweeners.

Jade said she has dreams of becoming a stage actor.

Her campaign has received the backing from Peter Bone, MP for Wellingborough and Rushden.

He said: “Jade is extremely talented and she has been accepted into a prestigious stage school, It’s just unfortunate that she does not qualify for funding.

“She is very talented and it is her dream to go this school, so I am backing her bid to find some funding.

“If anybody out there was kind enough to help out, I am sure it will be hugely appreciated.”

The course is three years and will cost £10,740 with other extra costs on top, including living expenses, costs for kit, equipment, trips, and books.

Stephanie said she is very proud of daughter, and will strive to help keep her dream alive.

She said it is likely that the family will look to pay the fees monthly, trying to raise enough money each time.

Tesco has recently helped out by donating funds to her cause.