VIDEO: Hundreds turn up in protest of waste plant

Hundreds of people from Corby and the surrounding villages have shown their opposition to controversial plans to build a waste plant by marching through Corby town centre.

The protesters met outside the Connaughty Centre in Cottingham Road, Corby, at 10am and marched up George Street to Corby Cube in opposition to plans for a waste plant which developers are proposing to build on the Brookfield Plantation between Corby and Gretton.

Cllr Rob McKellar led the protests, along with the chairman of Corby Against Rubbish Recovery Plant (CARRP) Bob Cunningham, who together handed in a petition to councillors attending Corby Council’s morning surgery.

Cllr McKellar said: “ We are leading the march because we want to tell the developers, who applied to Corby Borough Council to build a waste plant right here in Corby, that this is not Britain’s dumping ground. People do not want a waste plant here in Corby.”

A number of protesters wore something green to represent the 43 acres of woodland they claim will be destroyed if the proposal goes ahead. As they marched through the town the crowds chanted ‘no, no, Corby, says no.’

Corby Against Rubbish Recovery Plant (CARRP) says that the odours, smells and flies that the waste plant will produce will have a severe impact on the lives of people living in Corby and its surrounding villages, and that the plant will cause an extra 1,000 lorries to travel on Corby’s roads every day.

The group has also expressed concerns about the fate of the numerous animal species which live on the proposed site.

More than 1,000 people have signed the petition opposing the plans and Corby Council has received more than 250 formal objections to the planning application, including from Gretton, Weldon, Rockingham and Harringworth parish councils, Rutland County Council, the National Grid and the Health and Safety Executive.

Concerns have also been expressed by the Wildlife Trust, English Heritage and Corby Council’s Local Plan Section.

The planning application was submitted to Corby Council in December and is under consideration.

Councillors are expected to debate the proposals soon.

In response to the protest, Jon Garvey, speaking, on behalf of Gretton Brook Estates, released a statement that categorically denied that incineration will be undertaken at the Resource Recovery Park.

He said: ”The proposal is not for a waste plant, it is for an integrated Resource Recovery Park (RRP) designed to attract businesses and much needed jobs to the area. The waste facility associated with this overall development received planning permission some time ago and this will meet the substantial majority of the needs of businesses located at the Park.

“We have stated in writing that there will be no incineration in the RRP, I don’t understand how much clearer we can be. This seems to be the basis of the objection and since it isn’t and never was going to happen, we are confused by the main thrust of the campaign.

“I’m astonished by the level of misinformation stated by Councillor McKellar and the Chairman of the protest group Bob Cunningham on camera at the demonstration. We really have no idea where some of the statements that were made came from. It’s almost as if they are talking about a completely different project.

“Our application has been available for some months to anybody who wishes to read it, we have held public exhibitions and we have answered any questions put to us”

Watch the video above to see more comments and action from the protest.