VIDEO: Hub will help tackle crime ‘at source’

Agencies including the Northamptonshire Police and Kettering council have welcomed the opening of a new hub which will enable them to work together more closely.

The police, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue, the Crime Reduction Initiative, trading standards, the council and voluntary groups will all be based in an office at Kettering police station where they can share information and ensure they work within the community more effectively.

Superintendent Richard James

Superintendent Richard James

Local police commanders say the coming-together of the various partner agencies would benefit all of them – as well as people in Kettering.

Superintendent Richard James said the idea behind the initiative was to get the agencies being more open about sharing information about particular situations or individuals.

“Some of what our partners do help stop crime way upstream,” he said. “We have already got stories emerging about where this is coming together.

He said there had been one case in which a family were committing a series of thefts – but were doing so because they did not understand the benefit system.

If the partner agencies had been working more closely together, he added, the situation could have been resolved before a crime had been committed.

“I think this is a really important step in the right direction for the people of Kettering,” said Chief Inspector Chris Hillery, district commander for Corby and Kettering. “Hopefully this will be a model for other people in the county to look up to.”