VIDEO: Get ready for Wickscream Park

Visitors to Wicksteed Park will be given the fright of their lives this Halloween.

Events at the Kettering park this autumn include Wick-Scream Park – two themed walk through experiences which are launched this Saturday (October 11) for those looking to be left scared and terrified.

The park has joined forces with AtmosFEAR Scare Entertainment, Europe’s biggest independent scare entertainment production company to provide a family experience designed with everyone in mind, including mild elements of darkness and surprise combined with live performers.

Panic Station, based around the park’s railway, will be a spooky theatrical experience which takes place on board a travelling train, which stops so passengers have to walk into the depths of our eerie arboretum, where the phantoms linger, awaiting the unwary!

Elsewhere in the park will be Cirque Savage, where notorious travelling showman Lazarus Savage will show off his infamous troupe of freaks.

Dare you step inside the creepy freakshow, a once glamorous spectacle of oddities?

The little ones can still join in the fun at our Little Monsters’ Ball on October 25, where they can have spooky fun and games with Wicky Bear, dancing, fancy dress and much more.

There will also be Halloween train rides and other attractions for youngsters during the day.

The park has already held a Scream School to train performers in the art of being scary in the run up to the launch.

Panic Station is PG advised 10+ but at the sole discretion of an adult.

Cirque Savage’s recommended age is 12+ but under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Both attractions are open from 6.30pm til late.

Further information is available at