VIDEO: Focus on food safety in new council video

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A video has been produced by Kettering Council to help promote Food Safety Week and demonstrate the importance of good food hygiene in the home.

This year Food Safety Week (June 16 to 22) is focusing on Campylobacter food poisoning – which is particularly linked to raw chicken.

Food Safety Week 2014 is between June 16 and 22

Food Safety Week 2014 is between June 16 and 22

Bob Martin, head of foodborne disease strategy at the Food Standards Agency said: “This is a serious problem and we are calling on the whole industry to act together to tackle Campylobacter.

“People in Kettering can do their part by handling and preparing chicken with extra care – don’t wash raw chicken, cook it properly and enjoy it safely.”

The Food Standards Agency is tackling campylobacter at the start of the food chain by asking farmers and producers to reduce the amount of bacteria in raw poultry.

A spokesman for Kettering Council said: “Washing raw chicken is likely to spread germs around the kitchen.

“The splashes of the water can contaminate you, your clothes, your worktops/utensils and your entire kitchen. Washing raw chicken can easily lead to food poisoning in your home.

“Around 250,000 people in the UK could get food poisoning this year.”

Kettering Council’s Health Protection Team are visiting a number drop in centres for the elderly and children centres to spread the word and share tips about what consumers can do to protect themselves and their family from food poisoning in their own home.

The Health Protection Team will be discussing storage of food, cleaning, hygiene and thorough cooking.

Shirley Plenderleith, Kettering Council’s head of environmental health said: “Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in the UK.

“Appropriate handling of raw meat and specifically not washing your chicken is a really important message to reduce the spread of this infection in the home.”

Advice on food hygiene is available at

Kettering Council’s food safety video can be viewed above.