VIDEO: Experience life in the trenches

The sights, sounds and smells of life in the trenches will be brought to life with a museum’s latest exhibit.

A First World War trench has been recreated in the grounds of Wellingborough Museum, with the aim of giving schoolchildren an insight into what life was like for soldiers living, sleeping and fighting on the frontline. Ian Nunney, from the museum, who is a First World War re-enactor, said: “There’s not many museums that will have a World War One trench.

Creators of the trench Ian Nunney  (in uniform) and Dan Hurn

Creators of the trench Ian Nunney (in uniform) and Dan Hurn

“We will be fitting it up with pyrotechnics, smoke, sound effects and I have also got a science teacher working on the smells.

“While they are with us for the four hours, we will offer them a complete experience including a World War One lunch which was like a watery Irish stew with a hunk of bread.

“The one thing we won’t be offering the children is trench tea – that was 75 per cent tea and 25 per cent rum.”

It has taken about three months to build the trench, which includes pyrotechnics to show youngsters what would happen if the trench came under fire.

It also has a bed in the sleeping quarter, a machine gun post and poppies on the outside.

If your school is interested in visiting the trench, call the museum on 01933 276838.