VIDEO: Ed Sheeran fan from Corby records version of Thinking Out Loud using his chin

An Ed Sheeran fan has become an internet sensation after he recorded a parody version of one of the UK singer’s songs using his chin.

Shaun Solomon, a retail worker from Corby, says he is absolutely stunned by the popularity of a video he recorded on his phone three days ago when he was “messing about” singing Thinking Out Loud at home.

Ed Sheerchin NNL-150127-102523001

Ed Sheerchin NNL-150127-102523001

The video shows Mr Solomon, 23, using his ginger goatee to recreate Ed Sheeran’s hair, with eyes and a moustache drawn on to the bottom of his face.

After being posted to his Facebook page, the video has picked up more than 10 million hits and Mr Solomon has received message from across the world including Mexico and Australia.

Mr Solomon said: “It’s been absolutely mental. I never even considered it would take off like this when I recorded the video.

“I got the inspiration to do it from an episode of Red Dwarf.

“It is not meant to be taking the mickey out of Ed Sheeran. I have a lot of respect for the guy, I didn’t want to make fun of him.

“It’s mad to think that he might have seen it.”

Mr Solomon’s music video has gone viral after it was picked up by the LadBible Facebook page, where it has gathered more than 10 million hits.