VIDEO: Drivers struggle to avoid massive pothole on busy Kettering road

Have you seen a worse pothole than this in the county?

Drivers coming into Kettering along Northampton Road are in for a nasty surprise as they approach the railway bridge - a massive pothole about 20cm deep.

The massive pothole in Northampton Road, Kettering

The massive pothole in Northampton Road, Kettering

Avoiding damage to your car is made more difficult by the series of smaller potholes near the centre of the carriageway.

We've been asking you to send us a photo or video of a pothole that is causing you concern.

You can do that by email, by post, or on our social media pages.

At the same time include a few details of where it is. Please copy this information to the council.

Make sure that when you are taking a photo you do so safely and do not put yourself at risk from traffic.