VIDEO: Designer shows off Les Mis-inspired costumes

A young designer says she is pleased her Les Miserables-themed costumes are on display near where the epic film was shot.

Laura Wisner, from Desborough, took five months to research, plan and produce two costumes which are inspired by the musical, which was partly filmed at Boughton House near Geddington.

The 24-year-old has just finished a course in fashion design for performance at Birmingham City University.

And her designs, modelled on those worn by two of the film’s main protagonists, the romantic couple Marius and Cosette, are on view to the public in the Unfinished Wing while the house is open during August.

“I based it on Marius and Cosette,” Laura said. “I wanted to do it as my interpretation, as if they would be made for a film.”

She said it was made for production in the sense that it was more practical and not totally historically accurate.

“It’s more practical. Some of the details are not as fussy. They are bolder and bit more modern.”

Laura said she had received a lot of positive feedback from people impressed with her designs, and added: “It was my first time doing men’s design, so I was pleased with that.”