VIDEO: Council error leaves Kettering flat flooded

A Kettering flat was left under two inches of water after a council plumber failed to turn a valve off.

Staci Bloomfield and Daniel McCLennon called the council to their Stamford Road home after their boiler stopped working.

The flooded flat.

The flooded flat.

A council plumber came to fix it on May 4 but the following morning Mr McClennon woke to water coming up to his ankles.

He said: “I woke up at 5am and I was just like ‘oh my God’.

“The water was about two inches deep.

“The council plumber left a valve open and it was just everywhere.”

The flooded flat

The flooded flat

A diverted valve had not been turned off, leaving the flat ruined.

The flatmates spent their bank holiday clearing up the mess.

Aspiring law student Staci, 29, said: “Some of the stuff in my room was just floating around.

“I’ve lost many, many items and Daniel is still going through the damage now.

Some of the ruined carpet.

Some of the ruined carpet.

“There are some items that you can’t put a value on.”

Staci said she lost letters and photos from deceased parents, but cannot claim on the insurance as she isn’t on the tenancy.

Daniel, who is still compiling a list of damaged items, said tools and carpets were beyond repair.

Staci said: “I work two part-time jobs, I’m studying and I help people voluntarily.

“I don’t have time to sort out something that isn’t my fault.”

The pair said the council brought a dehumidifer round but didn’t help with the clean up and haven’t apologised.

Daniel said: “It stinks, it absolutely stinks.

“It’s as if they don’t care.”

A Kettering Council statement said: “There was some water damage to the property following a repair to the central heating boiler.

“The council and its insurers are currently liaising with the tenant of the property in relation to a claim for damage to personal effects.”