VIDEO: Corby ‘symbolises Anglo-Scottish co-operation’ says TV presenter urging referendum ‘No’ vote

TV historian Dan Snow has spent the afternoon in Corby to drum up support for his bid to keep Scotland inside the United Kingdom.

Snow is spearheading the Let’s Stay Together campaign, which is urging people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to tell Scottish voters they want them to stay.

Dan Snow and Tom Beattie

Dan Snow and Tom Beattie

Scotland votes in an independence referendum on Thursday, September 18, with polls suggesting the outcome could be close.

On Thursday, August 7, Snow unveiled a letter to the people of Scotland – signed by 200 celebrities including Sir Mick Jagger, Ronnie Corbett, Dame Judi Dench and Professor Stephen Hawking – telling them how they were valued as part of the UK.

Now Snow, who has presented dozens of history programmes for the BBC, including alongside his father Peter, has launched a nationwide tour to get members of the public to show their support for the letter.

The tour started on Friday, with Snow saying Corby had a unique place in the UK with regard to the debate over Scotland’s future.

Dan Snow and Tom Beattie

Dan Snow and Tom Beattie

He said: “Corby is a place that represents what people can achieve in Britain when you work together.

“This is a symbol of Anglo-Scottish co-operation – it’s a town where Scots and English have been working together to become world beaters.

“We’ve had a great reaction from the people of Corby. We’ve had people standing in the rain to give us signatures.

“The people here are very aware of what they can achieve when they are in a shared country, whether they are Scottish or not.”

Signatories to the campaign say they completely respect that the referendum decision is a choice for people in Scotland alone, but add that a “yes” vote would have a profound effect on the rest of the UK.

Last month’s Corby Highland Gathering saw an overwhelming majority of those who took part in a mock poll say “no” to Scottish independence, and borough council leader Tom Beattie, who is supporting the Let’s Stay Together campaign, said: “There’s been a huge amount of interest in what Corby people think about the referendum.

“There’s also a huge interest in what is going on in Scotland from Corby people. Those bonds that join us are very strong.

“Clearly, while Scotland is a different place it’s part of the UK family. I think a break-up would be sad.”