VIDEO: Corby officers among those honoured at police ceremony

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A team of Corby police officers who prevented a man from being killed by traffic moments after he had threatened them with a baseball bat have been honoured with an award at a Northamptonshire Police ceremony.

The Corby Team 5 were presented with the High Sheriff’s Award at the annual event, held over two evenings at Wootton Hall this week.

The Corby Team 5 receiving their award from the High Sheriff

The Corby Team 5 receiving their award from the High Sheriff

The award recognised the sterling work carried out by the Corby Team 5, in particular relating to an incident in august last year when they were called to Oakley Road to respond to a report about a violent incident.

When they arrived, the female victim had fled the premises but the male offender had concealed himself in undergrowth and leapt out at the officers brandishing a baseball bat and making threats towards them – before running towards a dual carriageway.

According to the citation: “The officers made a swift and decisive decision to stop the traffic thus saving the offender from being injured by an oncoming HGV.

“After several attempts to threaten and attack the officers the man was successfully restrained and taken to safety.”

The incident was witnessed by Cllr Mary Butcher.

She said: “The swift and coordinated actions of PS Briggs and his team without doubt prevented not only the death of the offender but potentially of other road users.

“Officers selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect the offender and the wider community. Their professionalism was outstanding. I feel safer just knowing officers such as Sergeant Briggs’ team are keeping us safe.”

The citation also detailed an incident in which the team led in the discovery of a severely emaciated bed-ridden woman who had been left to die by an alcohol dependent husband.

The award notice said: “Team members provided support and for each other and, despite the highly charged and emotionally disturbing scene they were managing, remained professional showing compassion for both the victim and her husband who was arrested and taken into custody.”

The officers named in the High Sheriff’s Award were: Sgt Steve Briggs, PC Nikki Tebbutt, PC Michael Jones, PC Debbie Wishart, PC Alex Prentice, PC Jason Edwards, PC Mark Walsh, PC Chris Gosmore, PC Keeley Harper, PC Luke Carswell, PC David Forman and SPC Ellis Bowman.

Alongside the Corby team, 24 officers and 15 police staff were honoured for long service and 59 officers and staff for outstanding work.

Other award winners included:

Roger Flawn Memorial Cup Student Officer of the Year: Presented to Constable Martin Waller in recognition of being the best student officer of the year.

The Maureen Wilson Team Award: Presented to the Operation Nene Team in recognition of their outstanding performance and commitment and team performance.

Office of Police and Crime Commissioner, Innovation Award 2014: Presented to Sergeant Wyn Hughes in recognition of his promotion of the use of body worn video equipment.

Hughes Cup for PCSO of the Year: Presented to PCSO Kirsten Bates in recognition of her outstanding performance and achievements during the past 12 months.

Chief Constable Commendation: Presented to Constable Rob Welsford in recognition of his bravery in dealing with dangerous incidents and his exceptional commitment to duty and the safety of the public.

The Boatman Shield: Presented to Detective Sergeant Sam Parkerson and PC Rob Welsford in recognition of an outstanding act of courage and bravery. Constable Welsford helped with the evacuation of Red Hot World Buffet in Northampton on the night of its fire.

Chief Constable Commendation: Presented to Sergeant Parkerson in recognition for her bravery and commitment to the vision and values of policing and bringing offenders to justice and putting the prevention of crime ahead of her own safety.

Superintendent’s Award: Presented to Tim Farey, Kev Dartnell, Karen Reeve, Constable Carl Osborne, Constable Ian McDonald, Constable Dale Hillyer, Sergeant Kevin O’Keefe and Sergeant Lara Alexander-Lloyd in recognition of an outstanding piece of work in safely locating, protecting and defending a missing and vulnerable child.

The Dennis Baker Memorial Award: Presented to Michelle Crook and Sarah Irving in recognition of their enthusiasm for and commitment to creating an outstanding customer service team.

Police Federation Lifetime Achievement Award: Presented to Detective Chief Inspector Tom Davies in recognition of his dedication, work and service to the public and his outstanding performance and contribution to the force after 30 years of service.

Police Officer Of The Year: Presented to Constable Stephen Roffe in recognition of his drive, hard work, commitment and infectious enthusiasm for the role of police officer in the past year.

Deborah Jeans Leadership Award: Presented to Sergeant Steve Briggs in recognition of his outstanding leadership during the last 12 months.

David Ryan Memorial Cup: Presented to PCSO Phil Wane in recognition of his outstanding contribution to a hate crime initiative and investigation in the preceding year

Deirdre Newham Cup for Justice: Presented to Ann-Marie Lawson from Groundwork Northampton in recognition for her hard work and commitment in supporting young people in the Northamptonshire’s communities.

Commandant’s Cup for Special Constable of the Year: Presented to Special Constable Peter Hazelgrove in recognition of his outstanding performance and achievements during the past 12 months.

John Fursey Cup: Presented to staff member Kathy Church in recognition of her outstanding lifetime achievement to Northamptonshire Police.

Police Staff Member Of The Year: Presented to Laura Jones in recognition of her outstanding performance and achievements during the past 12 months.

Certificate of Appreciation of Chaplaincy: Presented to lead Chaplain Viv Baldwin on behalf of the chaplains in recognition of the dedication of the force’s chaplaincy team in providing support and advise to officers and staff.

Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate for Meritorious Service: Presented to Sergeant Major Instructor Eve Richardson, Army Cadet Force, in recognition of her dedication, commitment and energy in sharing her expertise as an adult volunteer instructor.

Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate for Meritorious Service: Presented to Lieutenant Graeme Dryden, Sea Cadet Corps, in recognition of his passionate, positive and energetic demeanour and his inspiration and dynamism to continue to promote the growth and development of new and existing units.

Judge’s Commendation: Presented to Detective Constable Trish Coleman in recognition of her excellent report writing skills, victim care and professional investigation.