VIDEO: Corby boy needing life-changing operation given day to remember

Cain, his family and officers at the day of fun.
Cain, his family and officers at the day of fun.

A youngster from Corby who needs a life-changing operation was given a day to remember with a host of activities involving cars and the emergency services.

Cain Tromans, 11, needs the operation to enable him to live a pain-free life and walk for the first time unaided.

Cain was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy at the age of eight months and does not talk, but uses sign language to communicate.

He dreams of driving fast cars and fire engines – and his dreams came true on the day of the Corby Carnival, documented in a Youtube video by ‘Torque Chasers’.

Cain was taken round Rockingham Speedway in a Lotus, got to sit in a fire engine and even led the carnival in a police car.

PC Mark Walker helped to organise the day and says it was an ‘absolute pleasure’ to help Cain and make him smile.

Cain with Aimee from Lotus Silverstone.

Cain with Aimee from Lotus Silverstone.

He said: “Any time I lead the carnival I try and have someone local with me in the front of the police car.

“I was aware of Cain and asked his mother if he would like to accompany me for the carnival as it would help hopefully raise his profile with the fundraising aspect.

“Then I spotted that his dream was to drive sports cars and a fire engine so I spoke to a friend of mine Mike from Motech Performance in Earls Barton who put me in touch with Aimee from Lotus Silverstone who very kindly came down with her friend in two Lotus’ as well as Green Watch at Corby Fire Station and Rockingham Speedway who helped to make that happen.

“I visited Cain to tell him prior to the day and he squealed with excitement and gave me a massive hug.

“I think his face as the Lotus Evora accelerates on the race track really says it all.

“It was an absolute pleasure to do this for Cain.

“There are some very kind people out there who are willing to give up their time to make these sorts of things happen.

“The day was captured wonderfully by a friend of mine, Patrick, and is on his Youtube channel ‘Torque Chasers’.

“There are kids out there who battle with things that we cannot really comprehend.

“They battle with a smile and such determination that they deserve things like this.

“I would do it again and again.”

Cain needs £45,000 for a life-changing selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) operation, and more than £6,000 has already been raised.

Alisha Tromans, Cain’s mum, said: “Cain suffers a life of pain due to the severe spasticity of the lower limbs.

“It is awful to watch my little boy suffer daily.

“The operation that Cain needs is called selective dorsal rhizotomy.

“Providing Cain with SDR means he will have a better quality of life as a disabled person.

“He will have a chance at achieving the dreams he has for his own future and more importantly, he will live more comfortably with spasticity.”

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