VIDEO: Coca-Cola's Christmas truck rolls into Rushden

The world-famous Coca-Cola Christmas truck has arrived in Rushden as part of its UK tour.

The truck, complete with almost 9,000 fairy lights and ‘Holidays are Coming’ jingle, has set up in the car park at Waitrose in Rushden.

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck in Rushden

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck in Rushden

And there is plenty of time to get down there and join in the festive fun as the truck will be there until 7pm today (Thursday).

Anyone who goes along to see the truck will have the chance to post their selfies on it as it lights up.

Free samples of Coca-Cola’s three main drinks will also be on offer during the day.

Today's stop is the only time the truck will stop in Northamptonshire on its 42-leg tour, with other stops nearby being in Milton Keynes on December 15 and Peterborough on December 2.