VIDEO: Apology after heavy rain causes road closure

Anglian Water have apologised after heavy rain caused a drain to burst and a road to be closed yesterday (Monday, August 5).

A torrential downpour led to a manhole at the bottom of Rothwell Road, Kettering, becoming dislodged. The road was closed uphill as a result.

Flooding on Lower Street, Kettering

Flooding on Lower Street, Kettering

Meanwhile, traffic was also disrupted at the bottom of Lower Street.

A spokesperson for Anglian Water said: “We are very sorry that exceptionally heavy rain in Kettering yesterday caused a manhole to dislodge and water to flood part of Rothwell Road.

“The surface water sewers are more than big enough to cope with normal volumes of water, even during wet summers like last year. Unfortunately, this was the result of a vast amount of rain falling in a very short space of time, and after a hot, dry period which has created prime conditions for flash flooding.

“Our engineers replaced the manhole the same evening and we are now carrying out an investigation to understand why the manhole dislodged and what can be done to prevent this happening in future.”