Vehicle activated signs could be used to tackle speeding in Higham Road, Rushden

People living in Higham Road, Rushden, want action to stop speeding in the area
People living in Higham Road, Rushden, want action to stop speeding in the area

Members of an action group are working with the police and local authorities to try and slow down motorists who speed along a main road linking Rushden and Higham Ferrers.

Speed indicator devices are just one of the ways being considered after people living in Higham Road, Rushden, set up the Slowdown Rushden & Higham action group to tackle problems with speeding, including noise around the clock and damage to cars caused by speeding vehicles.

Following a meeting with the action group attended by representatives from Northamptonshire Police, Rushden Town Council, Higham Ferrers Town Council and the county council’s highways department, a service level agreement has now been drawn up.

It notes how each party will look into different measures to help tackle the issue.

Sector commander for East Northamptonshire Inspector Julie Mead said the recent meeting allowed people in the area the opportunity to voice their concerns and be listened to by the relevant organisations.

She added: “We had to give some realistic messages about what can and can’t be done.

“But we have come up with a service level agreement about what we will do and what the community will do.”

The action group has already made an appeal to recruit volunteers for a community speed watch scheme or to work as parish constables in the area.

Another idea is for certificates to be awarded to people and organisations living and working in and around Higham Road who show their support for the campaign to reduce speeding.

Insp Mead added: “What’s really nice is that no-one is saying the police must do everything, but it’s a community issue and the community is working together to tackle it, which is really positive.”

She said they will regularly review the service level agreement to ensure each organisation involved is working on the measures it has agreed to.

Northamptonshire Highways has said options to deal with the issues in Higham Road include the use of mobile vehicle activated signs and supporting other organisations in enforcement and education for drivers who break the speed limit.

The cost of these measures and who would be responsible for using them are being looked into.

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