VE Day in Kettering: Do you recognise anyone?

The celebrations in Southgate Drive, Kettering
The celebrations in Southgate Drive, Kettering

These happy children are celebrating VE Day in a Kettering street in 1945.

The photograph was sent in by Andrew Wood, who now lives in Stockton on Tees but at the end of the war was living in Kettering and can be seen third from the right on the front row.

Mr Wood said: “The picture was taken during the VE Day celebrations in Southgate Drive, Kettering, on May 8, 1945; I was living at 17 Southgate Drive during the first 15 years of my life.

“On my right are two brothers named Fish, who were evacuees from London.

“On my left, the girl next door, Eileen Hall, who lived at no 19. Far left on the front row was Brian Pugh, who lived across the road from me and next to him, Dorothy Phillips; she also lived directly opposite me in Southgate Drive.

“Standing, on the back row was Diane Allison and next to her, partially obscured, with fairish hair and ribbon, her younger sister, Wendy, who was the subject of my first crush at about that time.

“I’m certain that she was unaware of my infatuation, but if she sees this she will know now!

“The party took place at the Deeble Road end of Southgate Drive. Deeble Road was an unmade road, which terminated at Southgate Drive in those days.

“That evening, my mother took me into town, where we watched as an effigy of Hitler was burned on a bonfire.

“My father, who was in the RAF and stationed at RAF Kallang in Singapore, did not return home until 1946, after the RAF SEAC Mutiny. As I recall, he was the last father in Southgate Drive to be demobbed following the end of the war.

“My family left Kettering the day after I left school (Stamford Road Secondary Modern) during July 1954.”