Vandals target Kettering allotments again

The aftermath of an arson attack on a shed at the Margaret Road allotments in Kettering
The aftermath of an arson attack on a shed at the Margaret Road allotments in Kettering

Police are investigating after sheds at a Kettering allotment were again targeted by vandals.

Sheds at the Margaret Road site, in the Grange Estate, were set alight on two occasions last week.

Dai Johnson, membership secretary and treasurer for the Kettering Allotments Association and steward of the Margaret Road allotments, said arsonists had also tried but failed to burn another shed down.

He said people had entered the allotments on the nights of Tuesday, October 29, and Wednesday, October 30, burning sheds to the ground.

He also said the vandals had targeted a third shed, adding: “They put newspapers in but they didn’t set it alight.”

An arson task force comprising members of the police and fire services, has since met allotment owners, setting up CCTV at the site and putting other measures in place.

Mr Johnson said: “The task force has been down and met with us, and we are very pleased with their response.”

Mick Rodden, from the taskforce, which was formed in 2004 to allow the two emergency services to work more closely together, said: “It’s very important we catch the people who started these fires, because if they keep on getting away with it they will move on to something bigger.”

He said the nature of the allotments meant it would be difficult to protect them from future arson attacks, but the taskforce had put in place measures to help catch anyone who did so.

“We will support the protection side as much as we can, but we are a limited resource,” he said. “Whenever we can support the community we will do.”

Earlier this year vandals broke into the Valley Walk site, damaging a chicken coop and killing two chickens belonging to an allotment holder.

Meanwhile, in October 2012 yobs threw stones at sheds and destroyed vegetables.

Anybody with any information about the latest incidents has been asked to call Northamptonshire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.