Urgent tree works required at popular Corby park

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Urgent works will be undertaken at Corby’s East Carlton Country Park after it was found a number of trees have a significant decay fungus.

An annual site visit last year found the disease kretzschmaria had spread and consultants then analysed 500 trees near footpaths.

Thirteen trees need immediate removal or remedial works, seven require removal within eight months and 77 require remedial work within the same period.

Another 30 trees also require further testing.

The work will cost £34,221 but Corby Council has already allocated its £10,000 tree maintenance budget, meaning the money must be taken out of general reserves.

If the work was not undertaken and a tree fell and injured someone, the council could be sued.

A report set to be discussed by councillors tonight (Tuesday) said: “The council have legal obligations to ensure that the trees on its land or by the highway are safe, are not causing damage to property or obstructing the highway.

“If the council as the owner of a tree fails to take necessary action, resulting in harm to people, animals or property on his or neighbouring land, and if that harm was foreseeable, then the council are likely to be categorised as negligent and those affected would be entitled to sue for damages.”

Councillors will decide to take one of three options - do nothing, do the immediate work only first, or do all of the work in one go.

The report said not taking action was not an option they could take as they would not fulfil their duty of care in a public park.

The report added: “Carrying out the work required is essential for the management of trees in a public area.”

The meeting takes place at 7pm in the council chamber in the Corby Cube.