UPDATE: Northamptonshire villagers ‘will have running water later tonight’ following leak

Earls Barton
Earls Barton

Anglian Water has said a burst water main in Earls Barton that has closed two roads to through traffic has been repaired.

The leak, in Broad Street, Earls Barton, had caused either very low water pressure or no water at all and caused Broad Street and Doddington Road to be closed for repairs.

Water is now being pumped through but it could be several hours until all homes are supllied again.

Part of the difficulty is that so many people will be using their taps around teatime, which reduces the pressure in the system. And homes on high ground may take longer to have their supply restored than houses at the bottom of hills, as it takes more pressure to pump water uphill.

Emma Staples from Anglian Water said: “We’re very sorry that customers in the Earls Barton area of Northampton have been affected by a burst to an eleven-inch water main this afternoon.

“Our engineers are on site already and working hard to restore supplies, but some customers may be off water with others experiencing lower pressure than normal. We are very sorry for this and we are doing all we can to return things to normal as quickly as we can.

“Unfortunately it is likely to be later tonight before things are completely back to normal.

“After a burst we do need to allow time for pressure to build back up in the system, and the peak dinner time usage period may delay the system getting back up to full pressure.

“We have needed to close Broad Street and Doddington Road in order to carry out the repair. Residents can still get access but, nonetheless, we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

“We know losing water supply or pressure can be very disruptive and we are very sorry for any impact this has had on customers and road users today. We’d like to thank them for their patience.

“Customers may notice that their water is a little cloudy. This is caused by air that gets into the water while we are repairing the bursts. This is harmless, and running the tap for a short while should clear the water, as should leaving it to stand.”

The Anglian Water number to call for any problems is: 03457 145 145.