UPDATE: More details on what’s happening at Corby Community Hospital

File picture. Corby Community Hospital.
File picture. Corby Community Hospital.

Bosses at Corby Community Hospital have just issued a statement following reports of its possible closure.

It is believed staff were told yesterday that the 22-bed unit opposite the boating lake, which is mainly used for rehab for local elderly people, will close, although it is thought many of them will be shifted to other roles around the county.

However, the hospital’s bosses at the Northants NHS Foundation Trust have just released a statement to clarify the situation.

The statement says: “We understand there is a story circulating today that Corby Community Hospital is closing, this is not accurate.

“We spoke to staff at our inpatients unit yesterday about possible plans for ongoing maintenance of the patient’s environment.

“We explained to staff that we are looking at all possibilities on how to undertake this maintenance – one option that is being considered is moving patients and staff to another location while any necessary work is completed.

“If this option is taken forward we will speak to staff and patients before doing so.”

The hospital was first threatened with closure in 1983, but that was challenged and overturned by local people.

In 2011 it was given a full makeover.

The site provides physical rehabilitation for people needing 24-hour inpatient care for with a range of medical, physical and neurological rehabilitation needs.

Staff include experienced doctors, nurses, social care managers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, with visiting specialities.

Patients are given rehabilitation programmes to help them regain their independence.

People admitted to the ward will normally be transferred from Kettering and Northampton general hospitals.