UPDATE: Council working on how it can re-open Wellingborough theatre

Wellingborough Council is working on how it can re-open The Castle in a matter of weeks
Wellingborough Council is working on how it can re-open The Castle in a matter of weeks

Wellingborough Council has said it is already working on how it can re-open the Castle theatre in a matter of weeks.

The authority released a statement this morning on the future of the Wellingborough theatre, but has since issued a new statement.

It comes shortly after the administrators released a statement about the decision to close the theatre with the loss of 31 jobs.

The new council statement says: “It is with some sadness that the council has learned that the administrators who are dealing with the affairs of The Castle Wellingborough Limited have today decided to close the business.

“The council decided in March to terminate the contract it had with the company and to ask the company to put in place an exit management plan for a smooth handover by September 2016.

“Regrettably, it seems that it has simply not been possible to achieve this.

“In May the council considered the matter further and agreed that in the event of closure it would look to put some interim arrangements in place to re-open the theatre as quickly as possible.

“The administrator’s personal view that this could take two years is considered very pessimistic.

“Indeed the council are already working on how to re-open in a matter of weeks.

“The council has done all it can to support the theatre over many years including making advance payments of fees and lending a significant sum of money even after the administrators had been put in place by the company.

“Contrary to other press statements the council has been fully supportive of the venue and continues to be fully supportive of it.

“Any issues were with the company running the venue not the venue itself.

“So, the council are now taking the operation back in house for an interim period so that it can get it back up and running again and consideration can be carefully given to the longer term future.

“The council is very grateful for the many offers of support from members of the community and will work with our local residents on a longer term plan.

“Of course there are many disappointed people in relation to those who have performances due to take place or have purchased tickets for upcoming shows which will now be cancelled.

“In relation to tickets, the administrators have confirmed in their press statement that refunds will be made.

“In relation to community events due over the next two months the council will seek to find a way of perhaps rebooking these events.

“Details remain to be worked out on this but fees to rehire the facility could be waived for those who have already made a booking.”