Unpaid work for man found with drugs

A MAN who previously sentenced for growing cannabis was caught with two bags containing the remnants of cocaine he had taken when he was searched by police.

Graham Blanchett, 27, was arrested in Kettering and searched by an officer who found two clear packets on him.

Blanchett, of Chapman Grove, Corby, was convicted of possession of cocaine at Corby Magistrates’ Court in March and appeared at Northampton Crown Court on Friday for sentencing.

The court heard Blanchett had previously been given a nine-month prison sentence suspended for 24 months for cultivating cannabis.

Police raided his home and found two bedrooms had been turned over to growing 50 cannabis plants. The court heard that on the night of the cocaine offence Blanchett had just come out of a relationship and was emotionally at a low point

In police interview he admitted the substance in the bags was cocaine.

Blanchett was previously ordered to complete another 20 hours of unpaid work, on top of the 100 hours in his original sentence, last year when didn’t comply with the suspended sentence. He was ordered to complete an additional 40 hours of unpaid work.