University hits back at critical survey about crime

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ismo Pekkarinen / Rex Features ( 605829a )'Model Released - Man breaking in to house'Various
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ismo Pekkarinen / Rex Features ( 605829a )'Model Released - Man breaking in to house'Various

University of Northampton has been named as the campus with the most crime on it in the region, according to latest figures.

In police statistics compiled by the Complete University Guide, the campus had 2.25 reported crimes per 1,000 people from June 2011 to May 2012.

This is the highest in the East Midlands, and only 13 universites had higher crime rates nationwide.

Bernard Kingston, founder of The Complete University Guide, said: “While these crimes are the three most commonly perpetrated against students, the figures relate to all victims, not just students.

“Quality of tuition and the prospects for employment after graduation are key elements in choosing a university course, but it is important not to overlook other aspects of the environment in which the student will be living for three or more years.

“Our university cities do not exist in isolation from the communities within which they are located, and, regrettably, crime is a constant presence.”

Northampton University had 0.85 incidents of burglary reported during the past year per 1,000 people, and 0.11 robberies.

Its rate of 1.29 reported violent crimes was the highest in the region.

Loughborough University had the lowest crime rates in the East Midlands, with 1.76.

Delia Heneghan, dean of students and senior member of staff in residence said: “Crime and fear of crime are important factors when students and

parents are considering university choices. I am extremely concerned that the survey is wholly unrepresentative.

“As the authors of the Complete University Guide freely admit – the crime data is not based on student-related incidents.

“It is based on general crime statistics on the whole population from areas (designated political wards) wholly or party within a three miles of our

main Park Campus.

“The survey is based on rates for burglary, robbery and violent crime.

“There are areas within three miles of our Park Campus, such as Moulton and Kingsthorpe with a high density of both industry and residential which

will skew the stats for burglary and robbery.

“In reality, as dean of students, I have lived on site at our Park Campus for 12 years. Incidents of crime of any nature relating to our students

are extremely low. We work very closely with the police and also through our Student Support Services and Student Union and take the safety and

welfare of our students and our staff very seriously.

“We are proud of a supportive and caring atmosphere on both our campuses and an extremely low incidence of crime involving either students or staff.”