Underage sales lead to ban on alcohol

A store has had its licence to sell alcohol suspended for two months after lager was sold to teenagers.

Trading standards officers carried out test purchases at the Mini Sam store in Rockingham Road, Corby, after a complaint about underage sales.

On October 27 last year, a 16-year-old boy was sold two cans of lager.

On December 15 a girl, aged 15, was sold a bottle of lager. As a result, Corby Council was asked to review the store’s licence.

At a meeting of the council’s licensing panel on Friday Paul Maylunn, trading standards section manager, said the shop owner Arkadiusz Mazurek had been offered advice and information packs on seeking proof of age on several occasions.

He said: “He had a refusal of sales book but no entries were recorded. We were concerned that the business was not in control of the situation when it came to protecting young children.”

Mr Mazurek said he had not been in the shop at the time of the underage sales and that his then business partner, who had been left in charge of the premises, had now left the business. He said: “Since that time we have had no other complaints or incidents.”

A personal licence holder must now be in the store whenever alcohol is sold.