UKIP strong in borough council by-elections

Cllr Robert Gough and Cllr Veronica Waters
Cllr Robert Gough and Cllr Veronica Waters

The results of the four borough council by-elections held yesterday have been confirmed.

Conservatives secured victory in both by-elections in Wellingborough, while the Tories and Labour held a seat each in Kettering.

UKIP finished second in both Kettering by-elections, behind Labour’s Eileen Hales in Avondale Grange and Conservative David Howes in Welland.

Both new councillors said turnout – less than a quarter in Avondale Grange and 45 per cent in Welland – was disappointing.

Cllr Hales said: “The next generation don’t see the importance of voting. We need to get out there and get them engaged.”

Cllr Howes, who said he was very excited to be taking his place on the borough council, said he thought national issues had caused much voter apathy.

Meanwhile, Robert Gough and Veronica Waters have been elected to the Borough Council of Wellingborough.

Cllr Gough has been elected to represent the Earls Barton ward and Cllr Waters has been elected to represent the Redwell West ward.

The results of the by-elections were announced at 1am this morning, Friday, and the two new councillors then signed their acceptance of office declarations to formally appoint them to the borough council.

Speaking after the result was declared, Cllr Gough said: “I am really happy to be elected to serve the village I grew up in. It gives me enormous pride and I am humbled so many people supported me. I won’t let them down.”

Cllr Waters said: “I am very proud to be elected and I thank everyone for their support. Although I’ve been around local government for many years it is a new experience to serve on the council. I’m looking forward to meeting people and helping them get their voices heard.”

The full result of the by-election for the Avondale Grange ward (Kettering) was:

Eileen Kathleen Hales, Labour, 403

Derek Hilling, English Democrats, 52

John Raffill, UKIP, 325

Chris Smith-Haynes, Conservative, 140

David Tate, Lib Dem, 37

Turnout was 25 per cent

The full result of the by-election for the Welland ward (Kettering) was:

Stanley Freeman, Lib Dem, 55

David Howes, Conservative, 429

Paul Oakden, UKIP, 295

John Padwick, Labour, 199

Kevin Sills, English Democrats 14

Turnout was 45 per cent

The full result of the by-election for the Earls Barton ward (Wellingborough) was:

Debra Jayne Elderton, UKIP, 396 votes

Robert Matthew Philip Gough, Conservative, 626 votes

Daniel Joseph Jones, Lib Dem, 69 votes

Kevin Charles Watts, Labour, 417 votes

Turnout was 36 per cent

The full result of the by-election for the Redwell West ward (Wellingborough) was:

Elfred Augustus Brown, Labour, 193 votes,

Allan James Shipham, UKIP, 244 votes

WALKER, Marshall Robert Walker, English Democrats, 35 votes

WATERS, Veronica Jane Waters, Conservative, 396 votes

Turnout was 33 per cent