UKIP councillor calls for official opposition to HS2

Kettering borough councillor Jonathan Bullock (UKIP)
Kettering borough councillor Jonathan Bullock (UKIP)

A UKIP councillor will call for Kettering Council to speak out against the proposed HS2 rail line scheme after news that it could cost the town about £50m in loss to economic output.

Cllr Jonathan Bullock said he will propose a motion at Wednesday’s full council meeting (December 18) that the HS2 line is not feasible given the estimated impact on the community.

He added: “A report estimated that the scheme could cost Kettering £50m and the north of the county £200m in all. It is important that local representatives speak out and this motion is an ideal way to get our view across and start lobbying others. The billions of pounds this scheme will cost could be used to improve the existing infrastructure rather than increasing by minutes the journey from London to Birmingham.”

He said he will be asking the council to support the aims of the 51M group, which opposes HS2.