Two men killed in A43 crash named

Two brothers who were killed in a crash on the A43 at the weekend have been named.

Lawrence Connors, 29, of Melton Road, Thurmaston, Leicester was driving the blue Ford Focus and Andy Connors, 23, of Towcester Road, Northampton was his passenger.

The pair were travelling towards Kettering from Northampton on the single-carriageway stretch at about 4am on Saturday morning when their car left the road near the former scrapyard by the A14 roundabout.

The accident is the third in the past month and brings the number of people killed on the road to eight since 2005.

A police spokesman said: "The men were travelling from Northampton to Kettering when the vehicle left the road near the former scrapyard by the A14 roundabout."

An eyewitness said he saw three police cars and what appeared to be an incident support unit and an ambulance in a field near the side of the A43 close to its junction with the A14 as he drove home from work at about 8am.

The air ambulance was called to the accident but did not land at the road, considered to be one of the most dangerous in the county.

Earlier in August, Nicholas Davore Hartshorn, 33, from Leicester, was killed in a horrific four-vehicle pile up on the A43 near Broughton that left another man fighting for his life.

The road, which has one of the worst accident records in the county, is the subject of a consultation with drivers over what can be done to improve its safety record.

It still tops an annual list of red routes in Northamptonshire, despite the fact that in recent years the number of serious crashes has fallen.

Chrissie Osbourn, who campaigns to improve safety on the A43, said: "This must surely underline the severity of safety issues on this road. How many deaths or serious injuries does it take for the council to acknowledge that this road needs safety measures?"

Anyone with any information should call the Drivewatch hotline on 0800 176415.