Two families evacuated as lightning sparks house fire in Northamptonshire

Lightning strikes a house in Rufford Close, Barton Seagrave
Lightning strikes a house in Rufford Close, Barton Seagrave

BREAKING NEWS: Two families have been evacuated after a lightning strike sparked a serious loft fire.

Lightning struck the roof of a semi-detached house in Rufford Close, Barton Seagrave, at about 5.30pm causing a fire in the loft of one house and smoke to spread through nextdoor.

Jo Hefford, who has been evacuated along with her daughter but was at home when lightning struck, said: “It was just like a bomb going off.”

The fire destroyed the contents of her immediate neighbour’s loft, with smoke damage to both homes.

Keith McCarlie, 72, who was convalescing after a heart operation nextdoor when the lightning stuck the roof above, had to flee the house as the fire spread.

He is now at his granddaughter’s house recovering.

Two firefighters in breathing masks entered the house and contained the fire with a hose as two colleagues made sure only smoke spread to Miss Hefford’s house nextdoor.

Speaking from the scene Shane Anderson, manager of Kettering Fire Station, said: “There is quite considerable damage. There was quite a lot of stuff in there.”

A six-foot wide hole in the roof showed where the lightning struck.

No-one was injured in the incident.

See tomorrow’s Evening Telegraph for a full report with pictures.