Two arrests and seven vehicles seized during police operation in Corby

The traffic restrictions in George Street, Corby
The traffic restrictions in George Street, Corby

Police arrested two people and seized seven vehicles during an operation to stop drivers flouting road restrictions in Corby town centre.

Only taxis and buses are supposed to use George Street, while cars, bikes and vans are only allowed to use the main thoroughfare for access.

Even with signs at each end of the road, many motorists disregard the restrictions so a day of action led by Corby’s special constabulary with support from the safer roads team took place on Saturday.

The team of 18 special police constables and two police constables spent the day educating drivers who were contravening the restriction in George Street as well as dealing with other motoring offences.

Hundreds of motorists passed through the two stop sites located in Everest Lane and Cardigan Place during the day.

The checks resulted in more than 15 drivers being reported for using their mobile phone while driving or failing to wear their seatbelt, six vehicles were seized for having no insurance with the drivers reported, and another vehicle was seized for being used in crime.

As well as checks on private vehicles, Corby Council’s licensing authority teamed up with officers to carry out full vehicle health checks on Hackney and private hire taxis during the operation.

Special police sergeant Peter Howard said: “Corby Borough Council’s licensing authority was pleased with our support on the day and will welcome another joint event.

“Public perception of the police event was largely welcoming and supportive.

“Bus and taxi drivers were thankful that we kept as many cars as possible from using George Street as this meant they could drop-off their passengers and depart safely without unnecessary traffic on the road.”

This event followed on from Corby’s special constabulary’s successful days of action event in 2015 which saw 50 drivers reported, 17 vehicles seized and 14 vehicles clamped throughout the week-long event.

Special police inspector Crane welcomes more partnership work, and said: “Last year the special constabulary worked with the DVLA and this year with Corby Borough Council, each time we make a difference to the residents of Corby by increasing road safety and ultimately protecting people from harm.”