Twitter joker Paul Chambers to move back to Corby

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A campaigner convicted of posting a Twitter message threatening to blow up an airport is set to move back Corby with the woman at the centre of the social networking row.

Former Brooke Weston pupil Paul Chambers, 27, who is originally from Corby but moved away in 2006, was at London’s High Court yesterday to appeal against his conviction.

He was found guilty in May 2011 of sending a ‘menacing electronic communication’.

His tweet said “C**p! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your s**t together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!”

He had sent the message after the airport closed because of snow in January 2010. He had met a woman named Sarah Tonner on Twitter and was flying to Belfast to meet her. He subsequently moved to Northern Ireland to live with her.

They are still together, and she is making the move to live in Corby with him this summer.

When a member of airport staff saw his message, she reported him to the authorities and he was was found guilty by Doncaster magistrates in May 2010, fined £385 and ordered to pay £600 costs.

An appeal was dismissed in November 2010 with a crown court judge stating that the electronic communication was clearly menacing and that airport staff were sufficiently concerned to report it.

He said he had never thought anyone would take his “silly joke” seriously.

Comedian Stephen Fry accompanied Chambers to a hearing at the High Court yesterday where Chambers called on the country’s top judge to overturn his conviction.

Fellow comic Al Murray was also in court to back Chambers.

The case was heard in front of the lord chief justice, Lord Judge, Mr Justice Owen and Mr Justice Griffith Williams.

Chambers’ new celebrity friends have helped to raise £30,000 to help him challenge the conviction.

Article 19, an international campaigning group for freedom of expression, has made a submission to the high court backing Chambers.

The judgement was reserved until a later date.

You can follow Paul on Twitter @pauljchambers