Twins wash cars to help starving Africans

A PAIR of kind-hearted twins managed to raise £700 by joining forces after seeing images of African poverty on television.

Shojib and Promi Haque, 14, were prompted to act to raise money for the charity Islamic Relief, which is an international charity which aims to help the world’s poorest people.

It is currently fundraising for the East African drought among other international crises.

The pair contacted the charity which gave them branded buckets and T-shirts and set about raising hundreds over the space of just three days.

Shojib, from Newcomen Road, Wellingborough, said: “We really didn’t think we would raise that much.

“We did some car washing and went into Northampton and Wellingborough town centres with our buckets. I think we did seven or eight hours each day.

“We had thought we’d get about £200 so we were really pleased when we added up what we had raised.

“We’ll be handing it over to Islamic Relief today. We would like to say thank you to everyone who donated.”

The siblings go to Wrenn School in Wellingborough.