Tumbling petrol prices: Where can you buy cheapest fuel?

Lowest petrol prices in the county at Asda in Northfield Avenue, Kettering. NNL-140210-112522001
Lowest petrol prices in the county at Asda in Northfield Avenue, Kettering. NNL-140210-112522001

Plummeting petrol prices have hit Northamptonshire – with charges at the pumps at their lowest level for four years.

Across-the-board supermarket petrol price cuts, buoyed by a strong post-Scots referendum pound, have seen prices drop to as low as 123.7p for a litre of unleaded fuel at Asda in Northfield Avenue, Kettering.

In Corby, the cheapest petrol is at Asda in Phoenix Parkway at 124.7p.

In Rushden, Croyland Motors has unleaded for 125.9p and Wellingborough’s cheapest litre of unleaded is at the town’s Tesco store where the price at the pumps is 125.9p.

The prices have come down because wholesale prices have dropped in the past few months and the pound has rallied against the US dollar since Scotland voted against independence.

Supermarkets responded to this by 5p off a litre of fuel, and were closely followed by other petrol stations.

Diesel prices are also tumbling - with the cheapest litre in Northamptonshire priced at 127.7p available at Asda in Northfield Avenue, Kettering.

The cheapest diesel in Corby is at Phoenix Parkway Asda for 128.7p and in Rushden, you can get a litre for 129.9p at Croyland Motors Shell Garage.

Wellingborough’s least expensive diesel is 130.9p per litre at Tesco in Turnells Mill Lane.

But the lower prices are not good news for everyone. The head of the RMI Independent Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), Brian Madderson, has said that the supermarket fuel price war would hurt independent garages that have been struggling to survive in recent years.

Last week, the PRA said almost 900 independent forecourts had closed between 2008 and 2013, more than a third of which were in rural areas.

The highest ever recorded prices came in April 2012 when unleaded hit 142.48p per litre. Since then, prices have remained fairly static, dropping dramatically since Spring this year.