Try out Wellingborough street’s treats

Ria Chambers and Karen Fletcher in Cambridge Street, Wellingborough
Ria Chambers and Karen Fletcher in Cambridge Street, Wellingborough

Traders are hoping shoppers will pop in to see what they have to offer after more than six new businesses set up there in recent months.

Cambridge Street in Wellingborough is just a small walk from the town centre, but traders fear many people don’t realise what the street has to offer.

Ria Chambers of Ria’s Rosy Lee tearoom is excited to see so many new businesses setting up shop in the street, especially with so many of them being independent traders.

She said: “People have long thought that many shops in the street are empty, but they don’t see the restaurants and food outlets which open at night only.

“As many of us are finishing for the day these restaurants are just starting.

“And all our activities are overseen by Six40cabs who offer a 24-hour service.

“Cambridge Street is constantly alive 24-7.

“Another misconception is that the street only has restaurants now.

“Although it doesn’t have the retail outlets from years gone by where daily goods are purchased, we are now a hub of specialist skills that can’t be bought in a supermarket or other national brand stores such as party planning, hand-made occasion cakes, bike repairs, phone repairs, Caribbean food, exotic pets, the experience of an afternoon tea, and now wedding dresses.”

Recent additions to the street include Caribbean restaurant Jamrock Food and bridal shop Elegantly Hitched.

Ria added: “It’s a nice mix of shops, it’s niche, specialist shops rather than big brands which you can get everywhere else.

“We are building up a nice community spirit here in Cambridge Street.

“The rest of the town dies off in the evening, but we are always going, we are the heartbeat of Wellingborough.

“I think it’s quite an exciting time here, but people have to come up to see for themselves.”

Karen Fletcher, manager of Elegantly Hitched which only opened last month, said: “I think it is the best street anywhere in town.”

Ria has invited Northamptonshire Home Guard, a re-enactment group which attends 1940s events, to the tearooms before their busy schedule of events for the year gets under way.

In honour of her invitation, the group has agreed to parade through the town on April 12.

It is hoped the event will help showcase all that Wellingborough has to offer with the Home Guard starting from Wellingborough Museum before parading through Midland Road and Market Street where many of the town’s local independent shops are and arriving at the tearoom.