Try our new, improved Find It service

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The Northants Telegraph is pleased to announce improvements to its online business directory, Find it, allowing advertisers to reach an additional four million potential customers.

Find it is the local business directory of The Northants Telegraph and a cost-effective advertising solution for small and medium-sized companies.

Both Find it and The Northants Telegraph are part of Johnston Press plc, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading publishers of more than 200 local newspapers and their associated websites.

These improvements aim to provide advertisers with better value for money by reaching a larger customer network and by offering a simplified and more professional website.

To extend the marketing reach of advertisers, Find it is now partnered with business directory specialists, Scoot, whose network includes Touch Local, The Independent, The Sun and Ask Jeeves.

All listings on the Find it site will now also appear across the entire Scoot network allowing businesses to reach an additional four million potential customers.

To accompany the partnership, the Find it website has undergone a number of changes to bring both businesses and users a more professional design, simpler navigation system and more integrated social media links among other features.

These changes will make it easier to bring businesses and consumers together.

Henry Faure Walker, digital & business development director at Johnston Press, said: “This new, more powerful online directory platform gives our business customers a simpler and more valuable advertising and leads generation solution.

“It’s a great market entry option for local advertisers who want to expand their digital presence and generate additional business inquiries.

“There are so many great local businesses in Northamptonshire and we look forward to welcoming many of them to this powerful advertising network.”

To view the changes and to add your business to the Find it site, please visit